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Science: Eco Studies



In October of 2011 the world’s population had surpassed the 7 billion mark. This project will investigate the concerns and suggestions on the impending food crisis. The current industrial agriculture system is developing plans to produce more yield from crops, more chemicals, more fertilizer, more genetically engineered seeds. However, the concern arises that we cannot ignore the health effects, climate and environmental impacts, resource constraints, and every other real world consequence of large-scale industrial agriculture.


After researching informational texts on the concerns and suggestions of the impending food crisis, write a report that examines the causes of environmental impacts and explains the effects of one of the following areas; agricultural yield gaps, sensitive area expansion, wasting food, or limiting multiple uses. What conclusions or implications can you draw? Support your discussion with evidence from your research.

  1. What area are you going to focus on? (circle one: agricultural yield gaps, sensitive area expansion, wasting food, or limiting multiple uses)
  2. Define/Describe your area in terms of a global issue.
  3. Find at least two causes of your area’s environment impact on society.
  4. Support (provide an example) of each of cause you found.
  5. How does your area effect society (population, health, economically)?
  6. Support (provide an example) of that effect.
  7. What conclusions can you form with your information? Consider the following:
    1. Is this really a problem?
    2. If yes, Can it be fixed? If no, why not?
    3. If yes, How will it be fixed? If no, support with evidence.
    4. What is the long term result to society?


Articles primarily from published sources such as magazines, journals and newspapers.

NOODLE TOOLS: Cite as Online Database. On the next screen, choose the original source of the article (newspaper, magazine, journal, reference source[book])




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