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Science: Honors Chemistry


Honors Chemistry/ Chemistry I Explanatory Essay Outline & Requirements

Essential Question

What is the history and evolution of atomic theory and atomic structure?

After researching the topic, write an explanatory essay that addresses the essential question.  Support your research paper with evidence from the electronic sources and texts available to you.  You may provide illustrations and examples with your written document.


  • 1 day to discuss essays and rubric and introduce assignment
  • 2 days for background, preparation, research and developing notecards
  • 1 day of writing  - this is the only class time which will be provided


  • 8 sources minimum, reference at least 4 sources
  • thesis statement
  • 25-30 electronic notecards
  • APA formatting
  • 2 to 4 pages is recommended length – content and quality are more important than length – illustrations and pictures will not count toward the length of the paper



Key Vocabulary

Greek Philosphers: Democritus & Leucippus

Key Scientists, atomic models and experiments: John Dalton, J.J. Thomson, Ernest Rutherford, Niels Bohr, quantum mechanics model, gold foil experiment (also known as Rutherford or Geiger-Mardsen experiment), cathode ray tube, plum pudding model, Schrodinger’s equation

Atomic Structure: atom, proton, neutron, electron, quark, isotope, ion, alpha particle

APA Help

Reference Database

Student Resources

Student Resources in Context is a general reference database. Begin by searching Atomic Theory and read the first and third reference articles.

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