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Science: AP Chem


Essential Question

Should we (the global community) continue to use synthetically made chemicals to control insects, weeds and pests?

After researching and reading selections from Silent Spring, DDT, Silent Spring, and the Rise of Environmentalism and other sources write an essay on the use of chemicals to control insects, weeds and pests, write an essay that argues your position on the use of chemicals to control insects, weeds and pests .  Support your position with evidence from your research.

L2: Be sure to acknowledge competing views.

L3: Give examples from past or current events or issues to illustrate and clarify your position.

What is a good essay?

1.    Evaluate LDC argumentative essay rubric

2.    Evaluate argumentative essays pertaining to science – if time allows

Background information and preparation

3.    Discuss research strategies

4.    Evaluating sources

5.    Note taking – notecards – moodlebibs – electronic notecards – paraphrasing

6.    References – APA format which is the standard formatting for science writing 

7.    Develop a thesis statement – 2 parts: specific topic and opinion


8.    Reading and research – May 10-22

            - Silent Spring:  Required reading – Introduction and Chapters 1-9

            - Silent Spring:  Optional reading Chapters 10-17

            - DDT, Silent Spring and the Rise of Environmentalism:  (**Note: pay attention to publication dates)

                        *Required Reading – Introduction and

  • Part 1 – Background, Chapters 2 & 4
  • Part 2 – Background, Chapters 5, 8 &9
  • Part 3 – Background, Chapters 10, 11, 13 & 14
  • Part 4 – Background, Chapters 18-21
  • Part 5 – Background, Chapters 22-24

            - DDT, Silent Spring and the Rise of Environmentalism:  All other chapters are optional reading.

9.    Discussion topics and dates:

            Wednesday, May 15th – Silent Spring, Chapters 1-5

            Monday, May 20th – Silent Spring, Chapters 6-9

            Wednesday, May 22nd – DDT, Silent Spring and the Rise of Environmentalism – selected sections

10.   Developing Notecards: Thursday and Friday – May 23rd and 24th

Writing Essay: Friday, May 24th – Wednesday May 29th

11.  Due Date:  Thursday, May 30th – no exceptions – electronic submission is required if absent


12.   Reference at least 5 sources – DDT, Silent Spring & the Rise of Environmentalism has numerous sources

        within the text

13.   thesis statement

14.   30-50 electronic notecards

15.   APA formatting (Select in Noodle Tools)

16.  3 to 5 pages is recommended length – content and quality are more important than length



whistleblower, activist, environmentalist, DDT


All three databases have articles from published sources, including academic journals. Use the "Citation Tools" link on the right of each article page to generate an APA formatted citation. Copy and paste into Noodle Tools using the Quick Cite link.View tutorial HERE.

Trial Database-eLibrary- good until May 30

APA Help