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General Issues Research: Google Tips

Research Help for Students at Manheim Central High School

Did You Know?


Improve your searches. Two ways to access:
  • Do a search, click the gear, select Advanced search and refine.

Google Scholar

Searches for documents, papers and other published sources considered "Scholarly".

  • Refine search with sidebar links.
  • Locate advanced search under "down arrow".


Want to know where an image came from? Where else it appears?

  • Chrome: Right click on web image image, select "search Google for this image".
  • Chrome and Firefox: Click camera icon on Google image search page. Browse, upload or drag image into the search field.
  • More details here:
google books

Search for free eBooks

  • Search by keywords
  • Refine using search tools button to select "free eBooks". Also select date range and type of publication

Refine Your Search


  • Images, Videos, News
  • Click on SEARCH TOOLS for more options like time range and location.

Google Books






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