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General Issues Research: Topic Selection

Research Help for Students at Manheim Central High School

When people are curious about a subject, they not only remember more about it, but they also remember random or incidental information presented along the way. ~Harvey Daniels

Tips for Topic Choice

1. Choose a topic that interests you, or one that you want to learn about.

2. Choose a back-up topic or two.

3. Make sure your topic is managable. Narrow or broaden as you do preliminary research.

4. Understand opposing views on your topic. Keep an open mind!

Book Sources

We have many pro/con anthologies on the shelf.

Do a series search for topic ideas:

Opposing Viewpoints
At Issue


Inform Yourself

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Topic Ideas

1. Browse magazines and newspapers (paper and online)

2. Watch TV news or regularly view news sites like BBC, NPR or CNN.

3. Use our databases to search topics: